Microplastics are affecting melt rates of snow and ice

Microplastics have reached the farthest corners of the Earth, including remote fjords and even the Mariana Trench, one of the deepest parts of the ocean. Recently, these pollutants have been found in another distant region of our planet: glaciers and ice sheets. An EOS article published in March examines how microplastics transform these icy ecosystems, […]

Western rivers face pinch as another dry year takes shape

As many states in the American West face intense drought, this is shaping up to be a very difficult year for New Mexico farmers due to limited irrigation supplies, with some saying not so severe since the 1950s. Snowpack and rainfall are below average, spring runoff is lagging behind, and New Mexico falls to dismal […]

Ultrastable low-cost colloidal quantum dot microlasers

High-performance micro- / nanostructured lasers as multi-performance optical source components are of great importance for optoelectronic devices. Towards this goal, scientists in China invented a high-efficiency ultrasound low-cost quantum dot microlaser, which can also be operated at 450 K, the highest operating temperature for a quantum dot laser. The innovative technology significantly promotes its development […]

‘Shedding light’ on the role of undesired impurities in gallium nitride

The semiconductor industry and a lot of electronics dominate silicon today. In transistors, computer chips, and solar cells, silicon has been a standard component for decades. But all this may change soon, with gallium nitride (GaN) emerging as a powerful, superior, alternative. Not very well known, GaN semiconductors have been in the electronics market since […]

Researchers’ work will help the pipeline industry limit

Researchers have answered important questions to help improve the safety of hydraulic systems used for pipeline, water turbines, and other applications, and to help prevent damage. The work, led by engineers at the University of Waterloo, investigates a phenomenon known as cavitation, or the rapid pressure changes in liquids that result in the formation and […]